Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Deusa Europa

You, sensuous nymph
voluptuous goddess
of sand of sweat and scents
of silky reds
of massive legs
of cream and kermes
of ancient crimson
fluids rushing
at modern speeds
from a single thought
to the core of your gender
down the pathway of sins
to the furnace
where anything is possible
and everything is rendered

Cover me in the naked satin
of your milky and fiery skin
malleable red clay blanket
of Mediterranean ilk
forged in blood-stained
salty black water
and medieval steel
made impure in the new land
of milk and honey
Dodgers and Yankees
and cable bills

Quench my thirst
with your left nipple
pink and deformed,
sweet and bitter
at the cusp of giving in
with ancient lust
and modern glitter
motherly in its eagerness
to please
utterly selfless and blind
as only true love can be

Let me rest these dirty curls
on the pillows of your thighs
warm and meaty,
let me play
let me lie along your side
like a motherless child
drawing castles, knights and horses
dragons, damsels in distress
with my reckless, needy fingers
in the sandbox of your sex.

NYC, NY April 2005

© 2005 Alberto Ruiz. All Rights Reserved