Friday, August 11, 2006

Down We Go Together (Fast)

This one is for you, Susie
Tootsie, Lucy, Sprucie, Watoosie
or whatever your name is, Missy
This will degenerate, I guarantee you
it will slowly build into a crescendo
which will be hard to stop in regulation
but time has come and gone she's old and fragile
she broke her hippie boyfriend's purple bathrobe
wear, tear, fear, smear, keep the rhyming constant
but remember to do it on your own time!
This is neither the place, nor the swine
across the prairie, Mary dropped her left one
steady at the go but ready to blow
down the chimney she went job searching
stringing these words along and singing
following the path laid down before her
drinking the juice straight from the container
what was your name again? Ah! Laura
I must be at the wrong station, please forgive me
this train reeks of pretension and I'm stinking
Tell me, Dodo, do you do? or don't you?
you know, you do, do you? or won't you?
won't you do the do-run with the scissors
or have you forgotten our appointment?
how much more time before the big one?
is the small one any closer?
why don't you snatch that opportunity?
and tell the world about your father
he says hello, he rots in prison
for a crime he said was not committed
but the judge saw things much different
the money had exchanged hands in his honor
you're free to go wherever they have prisons
three squares a day and seven circles
two quarters make one half of half the total
add them all up at your discretion
make them pay, c'mon, you started it!
I could end this if I want to
but I'm way too selfish to deny it
Stop! OK, I'll say it:
the shoes don't match the hat your mother gave you
there! are you happier since the accident?
I am, I'm super static
I sing along with the TV car commercials
they bring back memories of Lillie
the way she ran across the backyard
and scared the scary italian neighbors
makes me feel inadequate and silly
but life goes on, you know, she's waiting
impatient and decisively reciting
the rules of engagement to a surgeon
can you believe her luck? the bastard!
her mother must be proud, they come from nothing.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved