Monday, November 6, 2006

One New York Summer Night

I watched you sleep
I let myself be taken
clueless and carefree
at peace at last
upon your perfect skin
upon that perfect road
between your neck 
and your shoulder
your body, limp and flawless
reminded me of nothing
and everything I've ever seen
before or after

Naked, motionless, helpless
like a dead bird
a dead puppy 
still warm, eyes shut, lips dry
heart pumping
reclining on its right side
as if clinging
to the side of God
the side of calm
of everything and nothing

The curve of your hip projected upward
bent and stretched at full potential
the arrow left the bow 
singing and trembling
towards the ceiling light, 
towards the eternal
towards the moon, into the night
and disappearing
in the direction of heaven
with its angels

A mess of fine dark lines, 
a revolution
in the shape of a crown
expanding black halo
a slow-burning black sun
exploding in my head
and on my pillow
your face, serene and calm
framed and surrounded 
by the mane of black sun rays, 
like a painting
of a renaissance virgin
of a martyr
a long-forgotten saint 
inside a chapel
in the town of San Miguel,
San Juan, San Pablo
by Giotto, Raphael
or Caravaggio

I watch you sleep 
peacefully, basking
my elbow firmly rooted 
in the mattress
in the glory of your presence
stiff arm bearing
the full weight of my skull
and all its contents
the full weight of my sorrows
with their secrets
with the weight of my thoughts
and my tomorrows
my eyes glued to your chest
to your tiny waist
to the rest
to the formidable arch
of your silhouette
in the space
in a trance
at peace 
with myself last

New York City, November 2006 (from an idea originally drafted in 1983)
© Copyright 2006 Alberto Ruiz. All Rights Reserved