Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Consistency Killed The Cat

Do me a favor, love another
Better yet, love yourself
The past is a killer, a sin
a knife in search of flesh
a hand grenade
in search of a hand

or a brain

No one can suffer this much
while pointing out
just how much it hurts
No one bleeds this long
and remains alive to count
every single drop of red

except politicians

This is not a war for two
we simply disagree
You are not my enemy
and I'm not the one you need
Pain is whatever
you want it to be

but a reason to believe

You can be your own best friend
or your own worst foe
if you love the way you claim
please leave well enough alone
I am going to kill the lights
and I want you gone

by the time I turn them back on

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved