Tuesday, November 6, 2007


There are some things I can't quite contemplate these days
largely because I'm steadily going senile, deaf and dumb
the recurrent faint buzz I've heard since childhood is now a howl,
the floating debris I used to see whenever I closed my eyes has sunk to new lows
my mind is occupied with shapes and words but my ears are blind to bright sound
the colors of the familiar are slowly fading in the far distance
into black, which I've been told is not actually a color
but a mix of all my sorrows.

The Hero
I distinctively remember a particular television episode
the hero chased after the bad guy and eventually caught him
they became friends and drank together at the local watering hole
it turned out both men used the same brand of fabric softener. Who knew?
the hero stabbed the bad guy below the right nipple sixty two times
right after he came back from the laundromat
four times would have been enough to kill him
but he said he liked the sound of the knife going in and coming out.

The Old Man
I met the old man by the yellow dumpster outside Madame Thoreau's
he shook my mind and read my hand without looking at the lines
he had skills, he was a wise war veteran, he saw it coming
he said I had a tight grip and a troubled but promising past
"But your future. . .", he said, "is too foggy to be determined at this time"
"These things take a while, and that is a luxury I can't afford"
"You will die for sure one day after a lengthy and painful illness"
I could have told him that!

The Mother
The mother loved the twins at first sight, they were so precious!
but she was young and pretty, her feet got cold before the baptism
she decided she was too alive to care and too selfish to share
She wrote: "To whom it may concern.." and dumped the caskets on a doorstep
A vicious woman came home after an orgy and found them
she fed them and clothed them and made them her personal slaves
but one fine day they turned against her and they killed her
and then they turned against each other.

The Payback
Once you've tasted her sex in the morning you won't go back to cereal
she will hold you in her womanly charms until you promise her forever
but forever is a mighty, mighty long time and now you wonder:
will she hold you responsible for her own insufferable existence?
a hefty price to pay for her garden of delights, but you're starving
and you sign on the invisible dotted line, reluctant but expecting
a long life full of groans, moans, caresses and fleshy mountains
but instead you'll get what's coming to you.

Copyright © Alberto Ruiz 2001/2008 All rights reserved