Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Attention Deficit Disorderly Conduct

7:30 PM staring at a blank page
the phone rings,
the cat sings, the dogs are loud
have to clean this mess in my head
but first, let's clean this desk
tonight seems eternal,
dreading the task at hand
C'mon man, concentrate!
distractions abound, calling all cars,
calling all cars, monumental chore
Breath slow, count to ten, exhale,
baby steps, focus!! Fuck us! Where are we?
back in 1961, Jeezus is that you, Peter?
is that you . . . . car 69?. . . .
10:00 PM coffee break
Phew! for a second there I thought I lost you,
but you're back and better than ever,
at least better than them,
you know, the zombies
they took off with your dumb brother,
the pick up game is going to kill him
I'm never going to finish this job, where was I?
There! it just happened again.
1:20 AM walk the dog, clear your head
Can't help but fading in and out of my mind
battle raging, video games playing our song
No! Return to base, I repeat, return to base!
Abort mission!! . . . .Argggggghhhhh!
Oh well!
We lost another good one.
4:30 AM
staring at the ceiling
staring at my bare feet
at a blank page staring back at me
the brain switches, the mind glitches
the hand twitches, hand me the waste basket
Goddamned leeches!
I think I 'm going to be sick
where am I?. . . .
7:30 AM

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved