Monday, July 21, 2008

Ode To Social Networking

The throat shuts closed
in the midst of crying
one eye winking at him
one eye spying
The 'friend' weeps
with heartfelt sincerity
in the act of lying
The vinyl rose forever blooms
as it remains forever dying
Trying as you might
to justly justify your deeds
you can't bring yourself
to deny them

Her tear dries
before dropping
one hand upon your shoulder
one deep inside your pocket
The brain knows
The heart ignores
The body craves
The ego lets go
accepts, surrenders
you're nothing but a human puppet
ding-dong, strings strung
one leg in the grave
one leg on the floor.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time Strikes Again

Dear Mother:

I write this to tell you that I've always loved you
even though I stopped saying it years ago
you were my hero, I looked up to you
bigger than life and fearless, you roamed
among the strongest, you stood strong
you never erred and when you did I turned
my head in disbelief and chose to ignore it all
because your rights, by far outnumbered your wrongs
I reckon my path and yours were not in line
my soul and yours . . .? . . .Well . .
that's another rhyme, for another time
still, I want you to know that I am
thankful for being your son and that I stood under your light
which once was bright and steady and now flickers and dies
who I am I owe to you, warts and all
you were my champion then, and then some
until I lost you to your desire to eclipse the sun with your thumb
I get it now, you were nothing if not all too human at that point
but you learned it couldn't be done, at least not alone
you're back to walk on earth and I admire you for it but I know
there won't be enough time
to make up for loss of mind and so I'm sad that I
didn't write this a longer while ago, and furthermore
sad to have found this lost love I saved for you in my lost soul
because I won't know what to do with it once you're gone, so don't go.

I love you, Mom.
Stay strong!

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved