Sunday, October 26, 2008

Love At First Zeit or How I Met Your Mother

We nervously shook hands and smiled profusely
—neither of us were any good at making small talk—
I must have uttered an inappropriate comment
or a ridiculously useless observation (perhaps both)
After the compulsory display of etiquette
we let go of each other's palms, real slow
careful not to send erroneous signals
however, the main damage had been done
I don't think I could ever had imagined
we'd get married, raise two kids and own a dog
I did sense the significance of the encounter
but I'm often wrong about this sort of stuff
My brain began the chemical skirmish
firing at will, bombing away mercilessly
hormones drenched in undiluted teenage spirits
butterflies with ten foot wings inside my gut
the residuals of your tiny hand in my hand
echoes of my tiny mind stuck in your "Hello".

The arrant stench of adolescent awkwardness
permeated the already dense atmosphere
your cheerful black eyes, your curly black hair
the way you mispronounced my christian-given name
the way the broad striped blue & white tee shirt
tightly hugged your hourglass frame
the way your bony and slender elbows
kept on puncturing your plushy thighs
the way you ran the tips of your forefingers
across the stubborn creases of your denim pants
Details and yet more exquisite details
cramming the minute space between my ears
dancing like greek drunks at a greek wedding
until I came back down to planet earth
Your open smile bulldozed my sky-high fences
it split the world as I knew it then, in two halves
you said goodbye, stood up and left the premises
my heart of glass broke into a million shards.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Sunday, October 19, 2008


In autumn
You are an open wound shifting colors
The time you give to me is my own time
times fourteen Augusts

In autumn
You're more than the sum of my thoughts
You are everything and all I want to become
if I could ever belong

In autumn
The candor of your soul pierces the purple sky
Forty one rainy days and seven moonless nights
Forty one wishes realized

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved