Monday, June 16, 2008

Alligator in the Skewer

Eyes keep fixing on the ceiling but you really don't know why
Mind keeps making the same blunders like it's going out of style
Mighty Dollar's got you kissing your employer's big fat ass
Sold your friends right down the river, still that didn't get you far
Seems you're running out of asses and your lips are running dry
Used to think that 'this' was funny when 'this' happened to "that guy"
Now "that guy" is on your mirror looking at your hollow mask
Try and tell him what you told me when we both were twenty one
Say, your self-respect was priceless. Just how cheap you think it was?
Now you're crawling like a reptile, back to ask me for a hand
I have got no hand to give you, eat your maxed-out credit cards
Bon app├ętit.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Simple Like A Rhyme

Quiet like a flower
a pale yellow rose
strong as a tall tree
a willow of sorts

Sweet like the pulp
from the sugar cane
cool like the waters
of the summer rain

Merry as a songbird
kind as a doe
calm as a blanket
of pure satin snow

Warm as the sun king
simple as dew
bright as a moonbeam
faithful and true

Comfy and cozy
just like an old shoe
your love is my rubber
and I am your glue.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Questionnaire of The Absurd

Thinking, I thought this here tonight, finding
a place for neglected promises of the maybe
mixing guilt and probabilities with my index
while drinking from the silver cup of golden opportunities
making sense of the half realized potential
the alone and the lonely long-gone farewell
Ten questions bouncing against the wallpaper
clinging to the ceiling of my life's soundtrack
like flies to the downward spiral sticky resin
Ten full years of self denial and self hypnosis
dancing wild , leading to mental castration
Is it fair to blame oneself for blaming destiny?
or do I get a pass for lack of timely knowledge?
Are there ten levels to every moral precept?
if so, where is it safe to park my negligence?
Is there a string theory justifying self deception?
if true, how many alternate mistakes am I living?
am I a fulfilled individual in another universe?
what portion of the main moral contradiction
is allocated to forgiving years of utter indifference?
Is this healthy or useless? Please don't answer
I'll find out on my own tomorrow morning
it's not that I can even hear you, either.

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Solid Blue

Our clothes came off but not our inhibitions
we couldn't see beyond our eyes, the room
inside the dark devoured the space around us
and everything it touched turned solid blue
I remember my hands hovering over your hips
and my nose meeting the tip of your nose

The crude attempt at an awkward kiss
our lips barely touching and stopping short
I recall suspending my blue frame in mid air
for fear of crushing you under my weight
you said: "Let yourself go, it's fine", you smiled
I breathed a sight of relief and then I fell

I free fell forever down your unmarred body
my fingers charting pathways on your skin
swimming in the deep side of your blue thighs
gasping for air, suffocated, deaf and blind
I remember wanting to die inside you
fully convinced I was in heaven all the while

The blanket of blue concealed our naked shadows
until the imprudent pink moon filtered in
through a peephole in the only wooden window
and softly sung a sad and jealous chant
something about the fleeting nature
of human flesh, of puppy love and idle hands

Copyright © 2001/2008 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved