Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in The Air Freshener

I love rainy nights
and cloudy skies
I love my lover's cry
and her chest on top of mine
My lover's sweat
and the way she rhymes
'love' with 'rose'
and 'hard' with 'heart'

The way she smiles
when our noses collide
the fat on her belly
 the pimple on her back
 I love turning my thoughts
into swirly, pencil lines
with nowhere else to go
but up and down and left and right

I love crafting my errors
into an imperfect art
and learning the hard way
by doing most things twice
watching valuable time
joyfully crawl by 
I love stating the obvious
and glorifying the bland

I love going off on tangents
and beating a dead horse
swimming on dry land
and picking my nose
I love eating leftovers
from the night before
 drinking from the bottle
and popping the cork

I love 'shooting the bull'
and 'chewing the fat'
going to bed sober
and waking up high

I love fairies and unicorns
leprechauns and talking mice
rainbows and ponies
dragons and butterflies
well . . . not really
I just thought I could distract you
while I think of semi-clever things to write

The End

Copyright © 2001/2009 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Tonight I have no words to confront
no songs playing in my head, to distort
which images should I attach symbols to?
which I should not touch with a ten-foot pole
The main idea, acute as it might be
is about the absence of thoughts
The mind jumps over the line of will
and lands squarely on the necessary
It is a strange night of sorts
tongue-tied and twisted but moving on
forcing energy through a tight crawl space
where dreams get flattened like pancakes
My devices and gimmicks have left me dry
my inner peace has got me by the throat
it has become my worst enemy
But if creating at knife point, proves useful
haven't I found what I've been looking for?

Copyright © 2001/2009 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved