Friday, January 2, 2009

Caricaturists Smell Funny

I was born at 3;45 on a hot Thursday afternoon
not an ordinary day by reasonable means.
A rattlesnake crawled from under my bed
my mother got scared , she panicked, she flinched
she knocked the crib over, she jumped out of her skin
twist of fate, luck of the draw, roll of the dice, accident
you name it and I will change its name to destiny
my head hit the cold cement but God was present
she spoke in tongues with a heavy accent
I couldn't understand a word but I knew what she meant

She said: "I saved you and now you owe me, so draw me"
blind mice were singing, deaf roaches dancing, clueless
my life was spared for a specific reason unknown to me
and even if I were told what that was I wouldn't have gotten it
more and more commissions and requests were thrown my way
I was another, I was not myself, I was nothing but God's slave
I felt it was in my intrinsic nature to protest and rebel
and perhaps I will one day but in the meantime I listen and obey
because my life depends on it, I don't want to end up six feet under her
or even worse . . .
like most caricaturists do, in theme park hell.

Copyright © 2001/2009 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved