Sunday, May 17, 2009


Have you ever noticed the hole in the back of my head?
I remember vividly the day I felt it for the first time
it was the day we met

I thought it would be best to never shower again
the hole could let water in and potentially flood my skull
and drown my brain

It never occurred to me the gap was beneficial or benign
I seriously believed it was responsible for my peculiar state of mind
at the time

I shaved the hair around it and slid in a piece of notebook paper
containing a rhyme I memorized when I was in fourth or fifth grade
written by my old friend Bécquer:

"Today the earth and the heavens smile at me
today the sun shines at the bottom of my soul
today I have seen her and she looked at me ...
today I believe in God!"

Copyright © 2001/2009 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved