Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Funeral For a One-Sided Friendship

Please, please!

don't believe what you hear

or what you see

the sea lies next to me

and I lie next to it

but we don't speak

we let the clouds, the foam

and the moon

lie in between

I am a mess

the stress of fixing my blank gaze

for hours at a time

in a direct straight line

on that empty space

where your big black eyes

used to stare back at mine

has taken its toll

on my inner peace

It's autumn where I roam

but it's winter deep inside

my old soul

and I'm cold

I've been thinking about you lately

on how the whole thing ended

the way I disappeared

and the way I blended

with the pavement

All along

you were guilty of doing the thing

you falsely accused me of:

I didn't fit your mold and more

I wasn't who you thought I was

I was not afraid

to slam on the brakes

as you, yourself wisely said

and stake my claim

Mistakes were made

you chose a capricious affair

over a BFF

you chose a cheap thrill

over substance and free will

I would feel pain and disappointment

if I weren't so sad and despondent

I love you still

for the reasons I've made clear

I realize and understand now

that I don't have you near

all the things you had expected

the things you needed to say

the things I didn't want to hear

in the end, my dear

"The truth is never sad"

it is just what it is

and nothing more than that

The End.

© Copyright 2001/2010 Alberto Ruiz All Rights Reserved.