Wednesday, November 3, 2010

True Romance

What does Love mean to you?
...I asked you first!
You don't know, do you?
Me neither!
This isn't a competition
I get it!
You have brains and genitals
and they work!
So what else is new?
so does everyone else
perhaps not as fast as yours
or as pragmatic or as pretty
You had to show me
didn't you?
But it's not your fault
I wanted just to Love
but you want me to Fuck
your brains out
I wanted to show you
a man's love
for a woman
he doesn't know
because I equate
Love to Love
and Fucking
to Making Love
is what I understand
at my core
Is what I feel
Fuck me
and you'll see
what I mean
I can't explain it
in plain words
I wanted to teach you
I wanted to let you know
What I thought Love was
at the time ...but
I've changed my mind
since then
Now I just want
to Fuck you!
You and what you want
might be correct
so in the end
you win
But then again,
so am I and what I want
Do you still believe
you're the hunter
in this human game?
If so, you're wrong
and so am I
But you lose
only because I know
how the game ends
And if you're as smart
as life has led you
to believe
surrender to Love
and let the idea go
like you say
you would
Either you believe
in Love
or else
you believe
in Fucking
...which is not
a bad thing after all
You just can't have it
both ways
Not with me
because I am
but just
another man
but not 'that' man
The truth doesn't hurt
it just can't be avoided

Copyright © 2001/2010 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved