Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Sweetest Mistake I've Never Made

You breathed your open soul into a a see-thru plastic bag
and I dove hopelessly and willfully into your throbbing mouth
before you said a word edgewise to me, in fact
before you shot your wet dream to the center of my south

Me and my old beating friend had a "face to face"
then I went ahead and broke it into itty, bitty little pieces
to save you the trouble of doing it yourself, I guess
before the temperature of this sweet mistake increases

I set my washing machine to "spin", my ray-gun to "stun"
I limited our potential to "maybe", our possibilities to none
before your eyes spoke to me through poems and songs
before my big mouth opened, I told her she was done and gone

Not an easy decision to implement by any means, 'you know?
and I hope to dear old God (if there's such a thing as heaven)
that you may get to enjoy a long and blissful life and more
and that mine gets shorter than short if I must live it only to regret it

Copyright © 2001/2010 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Said, He Said

She said I said:
"Follow me, and I will lead you"
I actually said: "I'll follow you to the end of this world"

She said I said:
"I will love you forever and beyond"
I actually said: "I'm in such a dire need of some form of love"

She said I said:
"Nothing will change the way I feel"
I actually said: " No one can possibly know what the future holds"

She said I said:
"Love is more than enough to get us through life"
I actually said that but I was dead wrong,
we also needed, sex, money, food, patience, and art

In that particular order.

Copyright © 2001/2010 Alberto Ruiz. All rights reserved